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to Aug 11



Working from simple to semi-complex plaster casts students will be taught strategies for understanding the visual world better and techniques for rendering light on form. We will discuss basics of drawing including contour lines, shadow lines, flatness in shadows, and form in lit areas. Through various shorter sketches and longer studies students will practice these drawing basics with individual instruction and demonstrations.

Materials provided.

9AM to 4PM DAILY August 7 - August 11

Price: $450 (scholarships available)

Contact: or John Folley 202 281-6796

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to Aug 18


This is a "hands-on" exercise on the making of the pastel picture. It will include presentation and discussions of the nature of pastel as a medium, demonstation of the "Boston School" approach, and regular critiques by Paul. Interior and/or still-life will be our subjects.

Materials: Set of at least 180 soft pastels (suggest Rembrandt of Grumbacher), set of 76 hard pastels (suggest Faber/Castell), large sanded pastel boards (2 or more), old brush or two for removing pastel, handy wipes.

9AM to 4PM DAILY August 14 - August 18

Price: $450

Contact: or Paul Ingbretson 603 348-3056

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to Aug 22


The purpose of this workshop is to: present and discuss pictorial composition when done by visual intuition, isolate and clarify it's essential elements, demonstrate how to apply them and, give the participant an opportunity to put that information to work.

Materials provided.

9AM to 4PM DAILY August 21 - August 22

Price: $350

Contact: or Paul Ingbretson 603 348-3056

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DAVID P. CURTIS Coastal Maine Art Workshops
to Sep 7

DAVID P. CURTIS Coastal Maine Art Workshops

“David P. Curtis, a much-loved Cape Ann instructor, graciously agreed to cover a class in 2015 when the scheduled instructor could not come at the last minute, and blew everybody out of the water! The students, good painters with lots of workshop experience, were unanimous in their praise, saying it was absolutely the best class they had ever taken. I hear this all the time from students who have taken a class with David, wherever he has taught!”
~Lyn Donovan

Plein Air Landscape in Oils!  All skill levels

To sign up for this workshop, please contact Lyn Donovan direct at 207-594-4813 or PO Box 845, Camden, ME 04843.

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JOSEPH MCGURL Nantucket Plein Air Painting
to Jul 19

JOSEPH MCGURL Nantucket Plein Air Painting

This workshop will focus on improving drawing, composition, and color interpretation via the unique characteristics of the Nantucket land and seascape.  Each day will begin with a demonstration, and the class will then apply what we have learned to their own painting during the afternoon session.  As the class will be limited in enrollment, there will be plenty of time for individual instruction.  I will introduce the class to the sight-size method of landscape painting and will have viewfinders available for each student in the class to use if they so desire.   We will also cover a broad range of art related issues, and input from the class is encouraged.  I am looking forward to this workshop as the atmosphere and landscape on Nantucket is quite unique and beautiful. 

Dates & Price
7/17/2018 - 7/19/2018

Contact Info
508 228 0722

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DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN C. NAGLE Boats And Buildings
to Jul 13

DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN C. NAGLE Boats And Buildings

July 11-13   Boats And Buildings  $300

This is one of the most popular themes in the workshop program. We will paint at 3 different locations throughout Cape Ann over the 3 days. This workshop is designed to improve drawing skills, as well as the understanding of perspective, and the immediacy of composing and designing on the spot. Early sign up is recommended as this workshop fills quickly.

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SAM VOKEY 3-Day Landscape Workshop
to Jun 28

SAM VOKEY 3-Day Landscape Workshop

Goals: For each of you to have at least one finished painting that you have worked on over the course of consecutive days. We will be going beyond the oil sketch and have enough time to work for multiple days on at least one landscape.

I will paint a demo on the first morning because I believe that we all learn best by watching someone else. After lunch you will work on one or two paintings depending on the changing light and weather. I am happy to work long days and we may break for dinner and then paint the sunset effect or you can watch while I paint it. Of course, there is no obligation to stay late and you may prefer to pack it in early and get up early or hit the Portsmouth night life which is happenin! Lots of good restaurants and live music.

On the second day you can watch me work on my demo in the morning or paint alongside me. The second day on a painting can be a day of real progress where you have everything pretty much in the correct place and now you are getting the values right and paying attention to color. Break for lunch and then you work on your afternoon paintings while I coach.

The third day will be pretty much the same although if you guys prefer I will coach in the morning also instead of painting. At some point during the day we will all get together and have a critique session — look at all the work and discuss what we have accomplished.

Location: A small state park in Newcastle, NH which is part of Greater Portsmouth. There are rocky beaches, lawns and a hill where a gun emplacement used to protect the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. There is water on three sides and there should be good subjects to paint in the morning and afternoons. There are no facilities other than porta-potties but there is a great ice-cream/sandwich place down the street where we can get supplies.

Lodging: Wentworth By The Sea (Marriott) is on this same island (3 min drive) but is an expensive hotel/spa. There are plenty of other hotels, motels, b&b’s, etc in the area that will be within the 15 min drive range. If you need help with lodging ideas let me know. Anywhere on Rte 1 in Portsmouth or Rye or anywhere on Rte 1A which is the coastal road and very beautiful as you go south into Rye.

Cost: $300 for the 3 days which includes demos, teaching. I ask for half in advance to hold your place and the rest when you arrive.

Please send checks to:
Sam Vokey
PO Box 283
Hampton Falls, NH 03844

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DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN 'CONNIE’ NAGLE: Sight & Insight ‘Pictorial Quality’ Composition Workshop
to Jun 28

DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN 'CONNIE’ NAGLE: Sight & Insight ‘Pictorial Quality’ Composition Workshop

June 18-22, 2018 - Sight & Insight ‘Pictorial Quality’ Composition Workshop with Instructors: David P. Curtis and Lorwen ‘Connie’ Nagle.  $500

Of all the principles of painting, Composition is the one that plies our mind and senses, especially our imagination, towards thinking - and in truth, Art is Thinking. The Pictorial Quality is always in the background of painting as the artist proceeds to deepen, tighten and revise his/her composition. If the artist can define the pictorial quality initially - this lofty conception and the feeling nature of their painting - then the entire composition will achieve a ‘bigness.’ Without this vital element, one’s paintings may never succeed in manifesting an aspect of beauty that exudes refinement.

Additionally, this workshop addresses memory painting - a vital component of plein air painting and an aspect of landscape painting that is rarely taught! Most outdoor painters will concede that a good painting is based on what they remember and what they believe will improve their paintings. They must make their decisions on memory or compositional analysis because the actual pattern of light and shadow changes over two or three hours outdoors.

Whether working direct from Nature or painting from memory, the key principles guide us and serve as stimuli for creating good compositions. Remember, rhythm is used to signify movement shown by lines, tones, and colors. The ordering and/or arrangements of these facets can affect us without having any direct relation with Nature, but pure appeal directly to our feelings. Thus, in painting there is a Pictorial Quality beginning with a reaction or emotional feeling that appeals directly to us, apart from any significance associated with the representation of natural.

Each day students will paint one or two works leading to the discipline of completing a small sketch that will be turned into a finished canvas at the end of the workshop. Remember the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.

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JEAN LIGHTMAN: A Brush with the Past, A Talk Hosted by the Duxbury Art Association
7:30 PM19:30

JEAN LIGHTMAN: A Brush with the Past, A Talk Hosted by the Duxbury Art Association

  • Duxbury Bay Maritime School - Clifford Hall (map)
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The Duxbury Art Association is pleased to announce the Lecture Series featuring Jean Lightman!
Wednesday, June 20th.
Doors open at 7pm. Lecture will begin at 7:30pm.
Duxbury Bay Maritime School - Clifford Hall
RSVP By Sunday June 17th and get in for free!!


Painting in the Boston School tradition, Jean Lightman's award-winning work can be found in private collections in the US and abroad.  Lightman paints portraits, landscapes and still lifes that shimmer with light. She is represented by Powers Gallery in Acton, MA; the Guild of Boston Artists; and Lily Pad Gallery in Watch Hill, R.I and Milwaukee, WI.
"I strive to capture the drama of the light and the magic of the color relationships. Whether in the pale creamy glow of the light on peony blossoms or the dance of shadows across a sunlit marsh along the coast of Maine, I am continually awed by the magnificence of nature.
Lightman currently serves as president of the prestigious Guild of Boston Artists, the first woman president in the Guild's one hundred year history.  A number of early members of the Duxbury Art Association were also members of the Guild.
In this 40-minute presentation, Jean Lightman shares her insights on what gives the Boston School painting tradition the vibrancy of life. Passed down from teacher to student for over one hundred years, this type of painting combines the aesthetic design of the 19th Century European ateliers with the color and light of the French Impressionists. Jean will demonstrate the influence of the Boston School approach in her own work by showing the start-to-finish progress of one of her own paintings.
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DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN C. NAGLE: Design and Composition Oil Painting Workshop
to Jun 22

DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN C. NAGLE: Design and Composition Oil Painting Workshop

Join this intensive 5-Day workshop that offers a dramatic change in the way you develop your outdoor paintings!

We are inviting you to experience something now! A buried treasure and a release from the familiar ways you paint outdoors.

Design is an elegant ordering and invention that equals creation. This workshop gives you a chance to experience both! Are you up for the challenge?

When: June 18 - 22, 2018

Where: Essex Greenbelt, 10am-3pm

With: David Curtis and Lorwen Connie Nagle

Tuition: $500


To sign up or to request further information,

please call (978) 283-4135, or email,

or visit the webpage

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THOMAS DUNLAY Nantucket Workshop 2018
to Jun 16

THOMAS DUNLAY Nantucket Workshop 2018

Join Tom for a workshop on the beautiful island of Nantucket, June 9-16, 2018. You will spend seven intensive days of painting on the beach, the dunes, in town - both plein air and with a model. Instructive, encouraging critiques will be held every evening. This workshop will focus on painting the Nantucket landscape out of doors in the tradition of Frank Benson, William Paxton and Edmund C. Tarbell. The island is rich in landscape and water views and boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets on the east coast.

June 9-16, 2018
The workshop will begin on Sunday and end Friday at the end of the day. Please depart by Saturday at noon.

Price includes painting workshop, accommodations, and meals for Saturday evening - Sunday evening. Price does not include transportation or materials.
Workshop pricing (including on-site accommodations and board): $1,950.00
Deposit of $450.00 due at time of registration with the balance due on May 1st.

To register, please fill out sign up form, here.    

Please note that transportation to and from the island is the responsibility of each student and is dependent on the ferry service to and from Nantucket. Please plan your ferry travel times carefully. Ferries leave on time!

Nantucket Steamship Authority times and schedule:

Tom's next workshop this summer will be July 22-29, 2018, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in the very locale where R.H. Ives Gammell held summer classes and you will get to stay in R.H. Ives Gammell's own summer residence! Tom will also take attendees on a tour of the Clark Museum's impressive collection. Sign up here!

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