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DAVID P. CURTIS and LORWEN 'CONNIE’ NAGLE: Sight & Insight ‘Pictorial Quality’ Composition Workshop

June 18-22, 2018 - Sight & Insight ‘Pictorial Quality’ Composition Workshop with Instructors: David P. Curtis and Lorwen ‘Connie’ Nagle.  $500

Of all the principles of painting, Composition is the one that plies our mind and senses, especially our imagination, towards thinking - and in truth, Art is Thinking. The Pictorial Quality is always in the background of painting as the artist proceeds to deepen, tighten and revise his/her composition. If the artist can define the pictorial quality initially - this lofty conception and the feeling nature of their painting - then the entire composition will achieve a ‘bigness.’ Without this vital element, one’s paintings may never succeed in manifesting an aspect of beauty that exudes refinement.

Additionally, this workshop addresses memory painting - a vital component of plein air painting and an aspect of landscape painting that is rarely taught! Most outdoor painters will concede that a good painting is based on what they remember and what they believe will improve their paintings. They must make their decisions on memory or compositional analysis because the actual pattern of light and shadow changes over two or three hours outdoors.

Whether working direct from Nature or painting from memory, the key principles guide us and serve as stimuli for creating good compositions. Remember, rhythm is used to signify movement shown by lines, tones, and colors. The ordering and/or arrangements of these facets can affect us without having any direct relation with Nature, but pure appeal directly to our feelings. Thus, in painting there is a Pictorial Quality beginning with a reaction or emotional feeling that appeals directly to us, apart from any significance associated with the representation of natural.

Each day students will paint one or two works leading to the discipline of completing a small sketch that will be turned into a finished canvas at the end of the workshop. Remember the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.