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JOSEPH MCGURL: Light Chasers Sarasota, Florida Workshop

The workshop will focus on creating a sense of light and atmosphere.  This is accomplished through careful examination and interpretation of color and value.  We will also work on creating form while also maintaining the variety of texture found in the outdoor environment. Creating texture means painting detail and we will explore different ways of giving the illusion of detail while maintaining a sense that the painting is a depiction of a dynamic world. 

 From my years of painting out of doors, I have developed several techniques which have simplified the process and equipment as well as improving the resulting artwork.  One of these techniques is painting landscapes sight-size with a viewfinder.  This is an amazingly effective way of improving drawing accuracy and speed.  Loaner viewfinders will be available for those who do not have one. The use of these tools and techniques will be demonstrated, and the students will be able to incorporate these methods into their artmaking process.  Each day will begin with a demonstration, and the class will then apply what we have learned to their own painting during the afternoon session

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