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Portraits by Daniel Altshuler


Daniel Altshuler

Dear patron,

I have up dated my e-mail to show Augustus Saint- Gaudens and Walker Hancock are in my lineage of sculptors where a sculptor receives his training through techniques and styles through one sculptor to the next. A person can have their portrait made from clay to bronze and in marble. You or someone else could be scheduled in by appointment for sessions.

I can make under to over life size works from clay to stone or clay to bronze.

I would be happy to quote a bust, portrait head or a portrait relief or if you would like a lettered tablet to remember someone by, I could make this with ornament.

I could make a statue for you. I could make a portrait of a person in clay to bronze. I can also have it carved in marble. I could make a
portrait head, bust, bas- relief, statue, fountain in bronze or marble and I could make a medal or medallion in bronze for you. I would be happy to make any one of these for you or someone you know or recommend.

I have limited editions in bronze.

Some families only have a picture of a person who they would like to have remembered by. Multiple photographs are better as reference material to make a portrait head or portrait statuary of people. It is my specialty experience passed down through a direct lineage of sculptors to Walker Hancock to me to have the monumental as well as the fine portrait skill and techniques to make fine portraiture and monumental statuary. We made a 12’ foot monument together for West Point Military Academy and I was 24 years old. When I was 29 years old I made Arion with him and I developed it mostly myself with 6 models who posed for me. It is a 7 foot man riding a dolphin playing a Lyre. I made many projects with him. We worked on projects for Capitol Hill in Washington DC. At the age of 28 I finished the bust in marble of W.E. B. Du Bois that is now in Memorial Hall, Harvard University. At Dartmouth College I made many works in Sculpture, Edward C. Lathem lettered bas-relief, bust of Paul Paganucci – former Vice President of Dartmouth College, John William Berry-lettered portrait bas-relief and I worked on the Hopkins Memorial with Walker Hancock for the Hopkins Center. I made a marble portrait bas-relief with lettering of Dr. Elizabeth French now in the Library at Skidmore College. Marble bust of Evelyn Bartlett at Bonnet House Reservation, Fort Lauderdale Florida.
At the age of 20, I worked with Walker Hancock to make the standard for the Mead Memorial in Washington DC, a monument made by Walker Hancock’s teacher Charles Grafly. He invited me and wanted me to work with him and gave his life’s training to me to bring to you.

Many of his techniques were passed down through many Sculptors. The lineage of Walker Hancock came through different lines of lineage of

Through the ages and through the Renaissance we receive our training
through those who lived and passed it on to those who came after them and
through this training we have come to be through our own way of working.

If you hire me to make your statuary you will have a fine product with skill passed through the centuries through famous and fine sculptors who worked with mentors to me. It’s like a family tree. I make sculpture of people and subjects of fine taste. Many sculptors would like to say they are self taught and this in fact may be so and in this case I was trained as a monumental sculptor and fine portrait sculptor who makes bas-reliefs of people and subjects.

It is my specialty experience passed down through a direct lineage of sculptors to Walker Hancock to me to have the monumental as well as the
fine portrait skill and techniques to make fine portraiture and monumental statuary. I had made to fine statuary projects with Walker Hancock when I worked with him in Lanesville for over a decade from the age of 20-33 years old, none had ever had the ability to do. You may visit my direct lineage from Walker Hancock to Augustus Saint – Gaudens through these websites, Wikipedia. It was Walker Hancock who studied with Victor Holms who was an assistant of Augustus Saint Gaudens. Mr. Hancock was 18 years old and worked on a 20’ monument with Victor Holms in 1919. It is not widely known on the internet Victor Holms worked with Saint – Gaudens. You may see the works of Augustus Saint – Gaudens and Walker Hancock and the similarities through the training of sculpture. It is through the training from sculptor to sculptor a sculptor receives his experience to bring him into the light of experienced sculptors. He is trained through a seasoned experienced sculptor who has been passed down training through the ages. You may visit the site of Walker Hancock on Wikipedia here and visit the site on Augustus Saint-Gaudens here.

Sculptors passed techniques down through the lineage of Sculptors through
the centuries.

We tend to think one sculptor had it all. It was passed down. And you can have a custom made work of your own through me.

In your best interest you could hire me.

In wishes for the best, regards,

Daniel Altshuler