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Annual New England Representational Painting Competition

August 7 - 31, 2008


The competition was open to all New England artists, both member and non-members of The Guild. From 200 entries by 70 artists, thrity-five paintings were chosen by the jurors: Robert Douglas Hunter, Pamela Pindell, and Frank Strazzulla, Jr



The Exhibition

Guild Artists are indicated by an asterisk. You may click on their image to be taken to their page on this site.




Del-Bourree Bach, 101st Steps              Paul Beaulieu, A Walk in the Woods                                     Jan Brough, Top of Vermont

     Watercolor, 27 x 19                             Oil, 12 x 32                                                                                 Oil, 16 x 22                                 




  *Clayton Buchanan, Fishing in the Rough                Kelly Carmody, Face in Fur,                           Kelly Carmody, Man in Profile

  Pastel, 40 x 30                                                                        Oil, 10 x 8                                                                 Oil, 14 x 11

                                                                                                                                                                  EMERGING ARTIST AWARD




       Eli Cedrone, Joe's American Bar           Dennis Cheaney, Eggshell, Apple, & Honey    Martha C. Doolin, Still Life with Red Teapot,

       Oil, 11 x 14                                                Oil, 9 x 12                                                              Oil 12 x 15  

                                                                                         HONORABLE MENTION                     ROBERT DOUGLAS HUNTER AWARD

                                                                                                        SOLD                                                                     SOLD



     Osama El Naggar, Half Past Five                               Richard Giedd, Winter Fence                                      Sue Gilkey, Quiet Morning

     Oil, 28 x 36                                                                     Oil, 16 x 20                                                                      Oil, 12 x 16





Paul Graveline, Tankard with Egg                           Susan Hebenstreit, This Was Home                   Carolyn Jundzilo, Weathered and Wise

Oil, 8 x 10                                                                   Oil, 11 x 14                                                              Oil, 24 x 36




       Peter Kalill, End of a Long Day                            Stephen Knight, Peace and Quiet                       *Fred MacNeill, From the Bridge

       Oil, 24 x 36                                                              Oil, 9 x 12                                                               Oil, 24 x 36




   George Martin, The Longfellow Bridge                      Linda Merk-Gould, Passing Clouds                            Timothy Neill, Orange

   Oil, 12 x 15                                                                     Oil, 13 x 16                                                                      Oil, 24/18



   *Melody Phaneuf, Good Harbor Bridge                     Herbert Randle, Great Meadows                                Deidre Riley, Peonies

    Oil, 28 x 20                                                                   Oil, 30 x 40                                                                     Oil, 24 x 18

                                                                                                                                                                                  GOLD MEDAL AWARD




       Dennis James Russas, The Pool                           Mark Shasha, Summer Idyll                               Suzanne Siegel, High Clouds, Pemaquid

       Oil, 22 x 30                                                                Oil, 9 x 12                                                             Pastel, 20 x 24

                                                                                            SILVER MEDAL AWARD




          Kate Sullivan, Heaven                                            Katie E. Swatland, Etude                                     Ronald J. Tinney, Resting Quietly

          Graphite, 15 x 20                                                    Oil, 16 x 20                                                             Oil, 20 x 30





Ronald J. Tinney, Sunrise Magic                   Debra L. Valeri, Morning Walk through the Dunes    Debra L. Valeri, Sundown Beyond the Let

Oil, 15 x 30                                                       Oil, 16 x 20                                                                     Oil, 18 x 24

                          SOLD                                                                           SOLD



  Sandy Machell, Still Life with Pears                           Lisa J. Sawlit, Amanda Fiedler

   Pastel, 14 x 19                                                            Charcoal & White Chalk, 13 x 9

                                                                                            BRONZE MEDAL AWARD